The philosophy of Edel Shirt

10 years ago I sold my successful fashion business,to take a break from the fashion circus.

Now I come back full of verve with a new collection.


I realized that my enjoyment of fashion is still there, not the joy of the mechanisms of the industry.

I felt, I want to make fashion again, but no longer submit to the yoke of fast fashion.


I want to make fashion consciously today. Fashion that is up-to-date and yet timeless.

Fashion that you buy today and where you still enjoy tomorrow.

Fashion that arrives when the season really starts and which is not already on sale

when it finally becomes summer or winter.

Fashion made of materials, behind which I can stand with a clear conscience.

Fashion made in a place where I personally know the people who sew my models

and I know that they are fairly paid for it.

Fashion for the customers who are concerned about all these things as much as I am.

This is why I'm doing fashion today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 


Best regards Christian Wernle